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Medical Marijuana in Colorado: Amendment 20 - A brief history

In the year 2000, a majority of Colorado citizens voted to make marijuana 'medical' and Amendment 20 was 'born.'

Marijuana became a constitutional privilege for Colorado residents over the age of 18; as long as they have a doctor's recommendation and submit an application to the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment.

On Nov. 6th, 2012, 54.7% of Colorado voters approved Amendment 64. Amendment 64 will allow retail stores in Jan. 2014.

Amendment 20

November 7, 2000: Fifty-four percent of voters approved Amendment 20 and made medical marijuana a Constitutional right for adults.

October 2009

In October, 2009 the US Ogden Memo opened the doors for greater investment. In less than a year over 1,200 medical marijuana centers opened.

June 2010

June 7, Colorado signed into law HB1284 to regulate, monitor and support medical marijuana businesses. Colorado leads the nation.

July 2011

On July 1st, Colorado enacted the most revolutionary medical marijuana laws in the United States; supported, registered and regulated by the State and the newly created MMED.

Our MMJ: Always organic. Always pure. Always AOM.

Altitude Organic Medicine grows organically. Why? It's the way nature planned it - and it taste better.

AOM offers a wide selection of aromatic and tasteful strains of MMJ to meet the needs of licensed medical marijuana patients in the State of Colorado in accordance with Amendment 20, HB 1284 and the Medical Marijuana Act.

" Colorado regulated cannabis for medical purposes and currently has over 150,000+ registered patients. El Paso County has over 15,000+. 68% are male and 32% are female cannabis patients. " the Colorado Dept. of Health & Environment.