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Colorado Springs: Your downtown Medical Marijuana Center.

AOM is located in downtown Colorado Springs across from Southside Johnny's. Our Medical Marijuana Center offers all organic medical cannabis to patients in accordance with Amendment 20 and CDPHE rules and regulations.

We pride ourselves on offering pure and organic medicine to all red card holders. Take your time, check out our menu and visit us to experience the quality of all organically grown medical cannabis.

Our Medical Marijuana Center

all organic techniques

Why organic? Because that's the way nature planned it. By using natural growing methods from beginning to end, AOM can provide a more natural end product that works and tastes better.

Medical Marijuana Menu

AOM offers a wide variety of cannabis strains, including indicas, sativas, hybrids and much more. Our medical marijuana is grown in all natural soils and offers heavenly flavors.

Marijuana Edibles

AOM also offers a full line of medical marijuana edibles for those preferring to skip the smoke. We offer sweet, savory MMJ drinks, treats and snack bars.