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Medical Marijuana FAQ

How do I get a Colorado MMJ Red Card?

"In November 2000, Coloradoans passed Amendment 20 establishing the Medical Marijuana Registry. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment maintains a confidential database of patients who have applied for a registry identification card for the medical use of marijuana. Registry identification cards are available to Colorado residents and valid only in Colorado." Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment

To qualify for your Colorado MMJ Red Card, you must be a resident and speak with a qualified Doctor in the State of Colorado.

To book an appointment, find an MMJ Clinics and Doctors in Colorado Springs.

CDPHE FormsCDPHE: Colorado MMJ application form

Red Card Application (over 18.)

CDPHE: MMJ Change formsCDPHE: Chang of patient records form

Change of address, change of name, change of caregiver/center.


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